Get a Prescription Discount Card:


Patients without insurance can save money with the free InCare Rx Prescription Discount Card.  Patients with insurance but taking medication in a high copay tier may also benefit.

Know what your insurance plan covers:


Insurance plans often have a formulary that offers different levels of co-pays for different medications. Check with your doctor to see if there is a similar medication with a lower co-pay that would work for you.

Comparison shop:


Prices can vary between pharmacies. If you find a cheaper price at another pharmacy or online, your pharmacy may be willing to match it.

Buy in bulk:


Patients on a limited budget sometimes buy only a week’s supply of medication at a time. Since a pharmacy dispensing fee is built into the price of the drug, it is usually cheaper to buy a one, two, or three month supply.

Order online or by mail:


Using a reputable mail order pharmacy can save 10% to 15% compared to retail pharmacies.

Pill splitting:


You may be able to get a prescription at double the normal dose then split the tablet in half. This results in a 50% savings. Ask your doctor if pill splitting is appropriate for any of your drugs. Pill splitting should not be used for capsules, time released medications, or for drugs that require a very exact dose. Some examples of medications that benefit from pill splitting: Zocor (simvastatin), Lipitor (atorvastatin), lisinopril (generic), and clonazepam (generic).